Smart Homes

The most important thing for any project is correct and suitable cabling. By utilizing the structured cabling concept – star configuration, any number of applications can be implemented.

Digital Communications network box is centralized distribution of all communication services: TV, telephone, data, intercom, audio/video, alarm.

As every installation is different, designing the right solution to suit each individual requirement is very important.

We design the total installation to comply with all NZ regulations, providing maximum options and using the best materials. We can provide solutions from the simplest as well as multi-room systems, distributed DVD, video, Sky and Sky Music, security video signal distribution, digital music systems in every room with multi-control. Also data networking or telephone connections.

What do you want to experience? You can have it all!

  • Consultancy & design
  • Installation, commission and maintenance
  • MATV cabling, VHF/UHF & satellite systems
  • Home theatre installations
  • Plasma, LCD and projector installations
  • ADSL, PABX systems
  • Alarm installations & monitoring

Sample Schematic

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