MATV Systems

MATV stand for Master Antenna Television system. SMATV stands for Satellite MATV system. MATV/SMATV involves a central reception point and distributed TV/FM/Satellite signals throughout a complex to multiple outlets, either for a single owner/end user, or in the case of apartment projects, numerous owners.

  • Consultancy & design
  • MATV cabling,VHF/UHF & satellite systems
  • TV/VCR/DVD tuning and additional outlets
  • New home pre-wiring
  • SKY TV commercial/residential installation
  • SKY TV headend and commercial systems
  • Marine antenna and satellite dishes installation

Utilizing a MATV system, we can also distribute:

  • Sky TV decoder signals
  • Video signals i.e. in-house broadcasting
  • DVD signals
  • Computer music videos
  • CCTV (security camera)

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